Get Started

Welcome to Zepp, now that you have a Zepp sensor you’re ready to unlock secrets of your swing! This guide is intended to get you from first receiving the product, to capturing your first swing. Each Zepp kit comes with a USB charger, sensor mount, and a Zepp sensor. Let’s get started!

1. Charge your Sensor

  1. Remove the sensor from the packaging 
  2. Insert the USB charger into any USB port (computer or wall adapter) and place the sensor into the charger.
  3. Allow sensor to fully charge prior to use to avoid any issues related to low battery. A full charge may take up to 2-3 hours to complete, and the sensor will indicate it is fully charged when all 10 LEDs pulse on and off while the sensor is on the charger.

2. Download the Free App (iOS or Android)
  1. Locate either the App Store or Play Store (iOS / Android respectively) on your mobile device, and open it.
  2. In the search bar, search "Zepp Baseball."
  3. Select either Get, Download, or the cloud icon (Varies depending on device) to begin the app download. 

3. Setup your Zepp Account
  1. Open up the app, and select “sign up.”
  2. Create a Zepp account by entering your email address. Then click the sign up
  3. In the "My Account" section put your first/last name and password. Then tap on the "next" button.


4. Turn on your Sensor
  1. Hold the power button down for 4 seconds. 
  2. The white LEDs will flash, indicated that the sensor is turned on.

5. Connect your Sensor
  1. Enter your Bluetooth settings in the phone/tablet settings, and pair the sensor by selecting it form your Bluetooth device list.
  2. Once paired in Bluetooth, enter the Zepp app and go to the 3D Swing screen by tapping the icon second from the left along the bottom, and then "3D Swing Analysis."
  3. Tap the sensor icon near the top left corner of the 3D Swing screen to go to the My Sensor screen.
  4. On the "My Sensor" menu you can tap the icon in the top right corner to Manage your sensors.
  5. On the Manage Sensor screen, you should see your sensor appear in the list of nearby sensors. Tap on it, and it should say "Connected" afterward. 

6. Mount your Sensor
  1. Attach the mount to the your bat knob as shown in the image below. Ensure mount is secure with the base of the mount flush to the base of the bat for best results

7. Calibrate your Sensor
  1. Enter the Zepp Baseball App.
  2. The app will automatically connect to the sensor (if you paired it as shown in step 5) and you'll see a sensor icon blink on the top of the home screen indicating the sensor is connecting.
  3. Once Connected, the icon will become solid yellow and you will be asked to calibrate your sensor.
  4. You can calibrate your sensor in the "My Sensor" menu. Tap on calibrate button to begin.
  5. We recommend doing this once before beginning your swing session for the day in order to get the most accurate results. Once calibrated, the sensor will be ready to capture swings.
  • Any time you wish to re-calibrate the sensor, tap the yellow sensor icon located at the top of the 3D view.

8. Hit a Ball! 
  1. Go to your 3D swing analysis screen to start recording swings. *Please note that in Zepp Baseball you are required to hit a ball to generate results in the app*.
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