Zepp Insights

Zepp Insights is a feature built into a user’s lab reports. If a user has captured 30 swings that make contact with a ball in a given week, they will receive Zepp Insights for that week's data on the following Monday. This report provides them with the metric that saw the most improvement, as well as a metric that needs the most work. Both of these measurements are calculated based on your swing performance for the week in comparison to your swing goals. The metric that averages nearest to its goal will be outlined as your top stat whereas the metric whose average is the furthest off is considered the recommended focus.

To access Zepp Insights, enter your swing history from the 3D swing screen. From here, you will see "Swings" shown at the top of the screen. Swipe left on this portion of the screen to bring up your Insight Reports. On the Insights page you will also see the progress of your next insight report. If you have yet to take swings for the week, this will show "30 Swings" and as you capture swings, this number will reduce until it indicates Arriving Monday. This indicates that you have successfully captured the minimum number of swings required in order to generate an insight report. 

Once you select an insight report that has been generated, the first screen will show the metric that we recommend you to focus on improving, along with a video that contains a drill to help you do so. Swiping left will show you which metric you performed closest to your swing goals. It also indicates how close to your goal you were and your average for the metric over the past 10 sessions.