Why does Hip Rotation record as 0°?

Hip Rotation measures the degrees you rotate your hips on the backswing and then the degrees of rotation at impact. The reason why Hip Rotation is important is because that is where most of the power in a golf swing comes from. Hip rotation is recorded using the gyroscope within your iOS or Android smartphone. The most common reasons for hip rotation to fail to record are due to (1) Not placing your phone in your front pocket with the app open while swinging, or (2) Locking your phone screen or closing the app while swinging.

How do I capture Hip Rotation?

Hip Rotation is captured when you place your iOS or Android device in your front or back pocket.  For most accurate results, we recommend right handed golfers to place their phone in the front right pocket.  Left handed golfers should place it in the front left pocket. It is also recommended to use the app's Screen Lock function which can be initiated by tapping the three dots in the bottom right corner of the 3-D view as shown below. 

** Please note that Hip Rotation can only be captured with devices that have a gyroscope.  All iOS phones 4+ have a gyroscope and some Android phones do as well. Check your phone specifications for more information. **