Result Tagging

Zepp Baseball's Result Tagging allows users to connect their actual baseball hitting goals with their Zepp swing metric goals. By creating this connection, Zepp users can “train to play better” because real-world play goals will be tied to their Zepp swing goals. Now, each time a player swings, you can tag the speed or the line drive by tapping on the the icons listed below. 

Result Tags can be considered in 3 components: Tags, Day Reports, and Goals. After every swing, you can now quickly tag individual swings with Hit Type (Line Drive)  and Ball Exit Speed.

After tagging swings, you will receive an overview of your real-world swing outcomes that can be viewed in your Day Reports


With this information, users can now adjust their Swing Goals in Zepp, based on real-world performances and preferences.

For example, if a user wants to hit more Line Drives (an important hitting goal) they are able to update their Swing Goals to match the swing metrics that produce Line Drives. After a they have done this, they will receive color-coded feedback on EVERY swing for EVERY metric (not just bat speed) to help them improve and play better.