My History

My History is an overview of all of your entire swing history using Zepp Baseball.  To view your history, go to the Main Menu page and select the history icon or you can go into the 3D swing Analysis menu and the history icon is located in the top right corner of the 3D View.  Review your swings over time by date, bat and favorites. Click Here for information on how to view a players swing history. 

Swing History

The default page of My History provides an average of your monthly bat speed scores. To view selected swing's by date, tap the month in which you would like to view, followed by the day. The more swings you have for the month. 

Favorite Swing History

This is where you'll find all of your swings that have been favorited.  Each bat that has a favorited swing will be in your favorite swing list.

Bat History

On this screen, you will find all of the bats that you have added into the app.  Each bat that has a captured swing will have a the average bat speed and allow you to view all swings for that bat.