Video Swing Analysis

You can record a video of your golf swing using your mobile device's camera. There are two modes for video capture – automatic and manual.

Open the Video Capture screen. Choose Video Swing Analysis from the Training screen to activate the camera, or choose the camera icon in the top right while in the 3D Swing Analysis screen (with the 3D golfer). 

The app defaults to using the device's Rear camera to automatically record your swing from the Back. It defaults to Right handed, or whatever hand is specified in your Profile. You can change these in the Camera Settings by tapping the gear icon in the lower right of the Video Capture screen. Make sure your camera settings are correct to ensure accurate video capture.

Automatic Mode

The app can automatically capture your swing with or without a sensor. 

Without a sensor, align the framing guide to the player and swing away. Using advanced video recognition, the Zepp app recognizes your golf swing and automatically records it and saves it to your swing history. If you are recording swing videos without a sensor, 3D Swing Analysis and the Dashboard View will not be included.

When using a sensor, confirm the sensor icon in the top left is yellow, then swing away. The app automatically records your swing and saves it to your swing history, along with 3D Swing Analysis and the full swing metrics in the Dashboard View.

Manual Mode

To capture a video in Manual Mode align the golfer with the framing guide and tap the red record button at the bottom of the screen. The app will record five seconds of video and automatically save it in your History. If using a countdown timer, the app will wait the chosen period of time (5 or 10 seconds) before it begins the swing recording. If you are recording swing videos without a sensor, 3D Swing Analysis and the Dashboard View will not be included.

Each recorded swing is saved in the cloud (when connected to wifi or 3/4G) and can be reviewed from your history. 

Video Effects

You can add effects to your swing videos with or without a sensor. Simply tap on the menu option ( 3 dots ) in the top right corner of the screen and select "Add Video Effects"

Without a sensor you'll receive the impact effect circle on the ball before you swing. With a sensor you'll see the impact circle along with your club head speed.

The video effect works with Zepp 1 and Zepp 2. For best results make sure the mobile device is 8 - 10ft away from the golfer. Ensure that the golfer is centered in the framing guide of the app. Proper lighting while taking video swings is required for best results. 

If the impact effect is not centered around the ball ensure that you have the right club selected within the app.

These effects can be shared to social media or saved on your camera roll on your phone. If you are alone, in the camera settings you can change the camera from the Rear to the Front and use the framing feature while viewing your device.  The Zepp App will auto capture every swing for you.


Does the golfer need to fit within the framing guide?

No, the stance of the golfer does not need to change to match the guide.  Use the framing guide as a measure of distance from the mobile device to the golfer.  As long as the golfer is within the camera view the swing will be captured.
How much space videos take up space on the mobile device?

Each swing will take up approximately 5mb.

Why isn't there any sound when watching a recording playback?

The app was designed to not record sound when capturing swing footage.

How many video effects can I use within the app?

Currently we only have 1 effect which is the impact effect. We plan on adding more effects in the future.