Zepp Tennis 2 Apple Watch - Getting Started

With the new Apple Watch app, your stroke performance is just a glance away. Connect your Zepp Tennis 2 sensor directly to an Apple Watch and get details of your strokes on the court. Lift up your wrist to see your latest ball speed, speed trend, and session average after each stroke.


Pair your Apple Watch to your phone:

First you'll have to pair your Apple watch to your iPhone. For further instructions on how to pair please click here.

Download the Zepp Tennis App on your iOS device:

  • Download Zepp Tennis for your iPhone from the app store.

  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

  • Under "My Watch" section, scroll down until you see "Zepp Tennis"

  • Tap on Zepp Tennis and make sure that the app is installed and that "Show App on Apple Watch" is enabled.

At this point the Zepp Tennis app will be installed on the Apple Watch.

To play a match

Connect your Zepp Tennis 2 sensor to your Apple Watch, set your speed goal, and start playing.
  • Make sure your sensor is turned on, and DISCONNECTED from your iPhone.

  • Launch the Zepp Tennis app on the Apple Watch

  • Choose “Sensor - Tap To Add” then “Tap To Connect - My Sensor” to connect the sensor to your watch.

  • Tap the back arrow to return to the Zepp Tennis main menu on the watch.

  • Tap the Speed Goal.

  • Rotate the digital crown to set the desired Speed Goal then tap the Start button.

  • From the Zepp Tennis main menu, tap Start to begin a session.


Check your strokes on the court

  • After each stroke, just lift up your wrist to see data for the last stroke.
  • Use the digital crown to scroll between all strokes within the session.

  • Swipe left to view Session Stats, including: heart rate, calories, stroke count, ball speed, ball spin, and sweet spot percentage.

  • Swipe right to view the Control Center and end the session.


After the match

After you end the session, disconnect the Zepp Tennis 2 sensor from the Apple Watch and connect it to the Zepp Tennis app on your iPhone to sync your strokes to your account.